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Combined website & SEO packages

Standard SEO

For stronger Google rankings
$ 199
  • Powerful link Building
  • SEO-optimised content
  • Full on-page SEO optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Image optimization
  • Google Business optimization
  • FREE Google Review QR Stand
  • Real time rank tracker
  • Email & Phone Support
Best Seller

Enhanced SEO

For competitive cities and for trainers
$ 399
  • PLUS...
  • Upgraded Link Building
  • For artists in competitive cities
  • For PMU/SMP trainers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Quarterly reviews by phone

Your Questions Answered

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the position of a website on Google (and Google Maps) for specific searches.

For example, let’s say you run a microblading business in Miami, you might want your website to show up strongly on Google and Google Maps when someone searches “microblading miami”, or when someone located in Miami searches for “microblading near me”.

To rank better for those keyword scenarios, you would hire an SEO specialist to help you get there.

How will Blaze improve my SEO?

There are 3 important elements of your SEO

  • Your website content
  • Your inbound links
  • Your trust factor

Most SEO agencies work on your website content only, which is entirely inadequate for any artist wanting to get to the top of Google searches.

We improve your website in all 3 areas for maximum results. As SEO specialists since 2002, working entirely with beauty and SMP professionals since 2009, we use our knowledge of SEO alongside our deep understanding of the industry to deliver results far beyond the reach of other agencies.

Your website content

As you would expect, we ensure your website content is fully optimized for Google. We optimize your text content, adding more text and/or pages and restructuring when necessary, and of course, all title, META and image tags are optimized accordingly. We also ensure your website has solid internal linking in place.

We know exactly what keywords to target, including regional variations from different countries around the world, and even from one US state to another. 

Your inbound links

An inbound link (often called a backlink) is where another website links to your website, via a clickable (or tappable) link from their website to yours.

These links are viewed as a vote of confidence in your favor, and have a direct impact on your Google rankings.

Inbound links are by far the most important aspect of your SEO. High quality inbound links are difficult to understand, and extremely hard to find, however they are also the difference between ranking nowhere and ranking at the very top.

For this reason, when you hire us to do your SEO, this is what we focus the majority of our time on.

With over 20 years of SEO experience, and over $3 million spent on inbound links, we have VIP access to the most powerful links, sold by link vendors that other agencies are simply unable to work with.

Our SEO results are the very best in the industry because we provide more powerful links than other agencies can.

You won’t be able to see this activity, and we do not provide reports as we are required by our link vendors to adhere to the strictest levels of privacy. For transparency, we provide a real-time rank tracker so you can monitor improvements in your rankings over time.

Your trust factor

To get the best rankings on Google, Google must trust your business. There are many factors at play here, however, these are the most important ones:

  • The quality of your inbound links
  • How people engage with your website
  • Online citations
  • Your Google reviews

We only build high quality inbound links to your website. This is to ensure the best results, but also to protect your website so you maintain your rankings when Google updates its algorithm, as it does multiple times every year. Google trusts high quality links, and rewards you with higher rankings.

How people behave when they land on your website is another important factor. Google rewards websites that keep visitors reading and scrolling for longer, and these optimizations are built into all websites built by Blaze. If your website was built elsewhere, and we see changes that need to happen, we will make the appropriate recommendations.

Citations are simply a mention of your company online, with its corresponding NAP (Name, Address and Phone) data. These citations (mentions) usually occur on directory and review websites. As part of your Blaze SEO plan, we ensure your business is listed on at least 15 of the most popular websites of this type.

Your Google reviews are an important contributor to your Google Maps rankings. We provide you with a QR-based pedestal stand for your clinic, to maximise the number of reviews you receive (see below).

All Blaze SEO clients receive one of our super convenient QR-code Google Review stands, to maximise the number of customers who leave a review before they leave your premises.
Can you explain the features of Standard SEO?

Of course! Whilst some of our customers are very knowledgeable about SEO, the majority are not, and we’re always happy to explain what we do.

Powerful link building

See the FAQ above, “How will Blaze improve my SEO”, for a thorough explanation of what link building is. In brief, we purchase on your behalf, links from other websites to yours. Google interprets these links as a vote of confidence for your business, and rewards your website with higher rankings.

Inbound links are the most important part of your SEO, and are where we focus most of our time.

SEO-driven content for your website

We ensure all text and images on your website are fully optimized for Google. Usually, this means making tweaks to your existing content, changing page headlines, or using different terminologies on your pages, for example, we might change “permanent brows” to “eyebrow tattoos”.

Sometimes, more content is needed on your website. Most commonly this is because your website is improperly structured, so additional pages need to be added. If we find this to be the case, we will add those pages and provide the written content for you.

Of course, any change that significantly alters your website will be checked with you first.

Full on-page SEO optimization

We optimize your text content, headings, images, page title tags and META descriptions for best SEO practice.

Internal linking

Often overlooked by other agencies, links from one page to another within your own website pass important quality and relevancy signals to Google, and provide a better experience for visitors.

Google Business Optimization

If necessary, we will login to your Google Business listing and perform optimizations to help you get the best from Google Maps.

Free Google review QR stand

A simple but powerful tool for use in-clinic, every Blaze SEO client gets one of our stands to help ensure your customers leave a Google review before exiting your premises.

This simple product, when utilised correctly, can quadruple the number of Google reviews you receive.

Real time rank tracker

This is a tracker you can access anytime, and shows what keywords we’re targeting on your behalf, and what progress we’re making.

Of course, if you’d like to speak with a member of our team to explain or discuss your progress, just contact us.

Email and phone support

We’re at your service! Our primary office is based in the UK, however we service an international clientele with most of our artists based in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Our business is well structured to cater to our international customer base, so you’re assured of exceptional service, wherever you are located.

We are available to all customers via email, our support area, and phone.

What is Enhanced SEO? Which should I choose?

Enhanced SEO is for artists based in more competitive locations, or for those who wish to rank for keywords related to “training” or “microblading”.

This is because “microblading” is by far the most competitive keyword in permanent makeup, and because targeting “training” means you’re competing with trainers from much further away, not just within your immediate geographic area.

More competition means more artists battling for the top spots on Google, so a larger number of more powerful links are required to achieve the desired result.

Standard SEO and Enhanced SEO follow the same process. However, Enhanced SEO includes more links, and the mix of links is collectively stronger.

Enhanced SEO clients also enjoy additional benefits including a dedicated Account Manager, and an in-depth progress review every 3 months.

If you choose a package not appropriate for your needs, we will contact you. 

Do you need access to my website?

Yes. We need an admin-level login to your website for the duration of your SEO plan.

If your website is built in WordPress, we need an administrator login for the wp-admin area. We do not need access to your hosting account, your FTP or your domain name.

If your website is built in WIX, Squarespace or GoDaddy, we simply need your main account login.

Access to your website is a necessary requirement of working with Blaze. We cannot relay recommendations for you to complete yourself, as it is simply not optimal or time-efficient to do so.

Do you need access to my social media?

No, we do not need access to your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The only exception is your Google Business. You will need to login to your Google Business and share access to your account with us, so we can complete your optimizations.

If you do not wish to provide access to your Google Business, if you prefer, we can skip this step.

How long should I do SEO for?

All Blaze SEO plans are subject to a minimum commitment of 6 months.

After 6 months, your SEO will continue on a good till cancelled basis. Cancellation is possible anytime after the minimum 6 month period, given 30 days notice.

SEO is an ongoing process that requires incremental building of inbound links every month until the desired result is achieved. Thereafter, further link building is needed to consolidate your new positions and avoid loss of rankings when SEO is discontinued.

Important note: After working with over 500 PMU and SMP artists over many years, we guarantee that as your SEO progresses, your plans WILL change.

What do we mean by that? Well, consider that good SEO will completely transform your business. Depending on your start point, it is not uncommon for our clients to triple or quadruple the number of clients coming through their door. Theoretically, a clinic struggling for bookings could 10X their booking numbers with some great SEO. Inevitably, this has a significant impact on the ambitions and mindset of the artist who owns the business.

Many of our SEO clients, once they see results and have more money coming into the business, change their plans. Often, they choose to hire more artists, open a second location, or add more services to their list. This usually means they need to continue SEO for longer, to accommodate their new objectives.

More often than not, our clients keep their SEO running permanently because they’re thrilled with the results, they see a great return on investment, and would like to keep improving their rankings.

So the minimum period for your SEO is 6 months. Most artists need to keep SEO running for 12-24 months to fully achieve their objectives. However, you may choose to keep it running permanently, depending on how you feel at the time.

You can discuss your objectives and options with our team anytime.

Finally, please be aware it is not optimal, or safe, to attempt to rush the process as too many links in a short period of time can provoke a Google ranking penalty.

What about national keyword rankings?

Our Standard SEO plan is designed for artists in low to medium competition areas to rank for their services in their home town or city.

Enhanced SEO is for artists in high competition areas, and for those wishing to rank for “training” or “microblading” terms. For example “pmu training chicago” or “microblading liverpool”. 

We can (and do) deliver exceptional results for training academies and online stores that require national rankings.

Typical scenarios include:

  • A training academy in New York that wants to attract trainees from across the United States by ranking for “scalp micropigmentation training” on Google.com. 
  • A training academy in Vancouver that wants students from across Canada by ranking for “lip tattoo courses” on Google.ca.
  • An online store that wants to rank nationally for “tina davies pigments” or “pmu machines”.

Scenarios like these are highly individual and are usually beyond the scope of our Enhanced SEO package.

We work with some of the world’s leading artists, delivering exceptional results on some highly ambitious keyword targets, so rest assured we have the knowledge and skills to match your aspirations.

For a custom quotation, please book a call with our specialists.

Will I get reports?

No. We used to provide reports, but we found that artists either didn’t understand the tech talk, or just wanted to discuss progress with a real person.

For this reason, we provide a rank tracker so you can check your progress anytime you want, and we are available to you whenever you’d like to discuss your progress, by email or by phone. Enhanced SEO clients also get a dedicated Account Manager and quarterly review calls.

I heard SEO is just a one-time thing?

Just like PMU and SMP, the world of SEO has skilled and experienced providers, and others that are less so. 

Many so-called ‘experts’ only know what they were told, or what they saw on YouTube, and do not have enough experience to know that most of what they ‘know’ is simply incorrect.

Unfortunately, these providers are everywhere and they rarely deliver good results. When an SEO ‘expert’ tells you that all the work can be done one-time and there’s no need for ongoing SEO, that’s a major red flag and your cue to find another provider.

Usually, when an SEO provider tells you the work can be done one-time, with no ongoing work needed, they’re referring to on-page SEO – the changes that are made to your actual website. This is a tiny piece of a much bigger puzzle, will not deliver results on its own, and certainly won’t get your website to the top of the search results.

Most of these providers don’t understand inbound links. Link building is hard and complex, so they avoid it whenever they can and tell their customers that they only need on-page SEO. However, links are the most important part of your SEO by far. You cannot afford to cut corners, otherwise your investment will be wasted.

Inexperienced, poorly skilled SEO ‘experts’ often do more harm than good. Google penalties are no joke. For the small fees we charge, there’s simply no need to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Do you guarantee results?

No ethical SEO agency in the world will guarantee results. As your SEO specialist, our job is to give Google what we know they want to see, but exactly how Google responds, and on what timescale, is ultimately down to Google.

That said, we manage SEO for over 500 artists. We understand what works for PMU and SMP artists better than anyone else in the world.

So whilst we cannot in good conscience guarantee results, we deliver real-world results for real artists, every day. You have a better chance at hitting the big time with us than with anyone else, and we have the track record to prove it.

What is a Google review QR stand?

All Blaze customers with an SEO service get a FREE Google review QR stand.

This smart little stand features your clinic logo and a handy QR code. When scanned, your customer is taken straight to your Google Business listing and prompted to write a review.

When integrated into your post-procedure routine, this QR stand will result in a significant increase in the number of Google reviews you receive.

Google reviews are important for reputation management, but they also play a role in your rankings on Google Maps, hence why all Blaze SEO clients are supplied with one for their clinic.

Still have questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.


Not Promises

This Team Micro client, a well known SMP clinic in Scotland, came from nowhere to rank #1 for their three most important keywords. They now totally dominate their local market.

This Team Micro client, a leading PMU clinic and training academy in Pennsylvania, now has some exceptional rankings including #5 (nationally) for a highly competitive training-related keyword.

This client, a well known SMP artist and trainer in Washington DC, is now much more visible on Google and has never been busier.

This client, a 20+ year UK industry veteran, now ranks much better for her service keywords in her home city, including a #1 spot for her most prized “microblading” keyword.

A number of great results here. Needless to say, our client from Scotland now dominates PMU training in her home city of Edinburgh.

A dream scenario for any PMU artist in Northern Ireland, we made it a reality for our client in Belfast.

Our client, a well known SMP artist in Northern Ireland, needed a ranking boost to dominate his local market in Belfast.

A leading SMP artist and trainer in Miami needed to consolidate and improve their rankings. They now rank #2 (nationally) for their dream keyword, “scalp micropigmentation”.

Wherever you’re based and whatever your first language, we can help. Our client from Portugal was ranking nowhere for his most important SMP-related keywords, so he called our team for help. It’s early days, but great progress so far.

Our client, one of the world’s leading SMP clinics with multiple locations across Australia, needed strong Google rankings to support their expansion. As you can see, we achieved stellar rankings in many major cities, plus we nailed the #1 spot nationally for “scalp micropigmentation”.

Our client was being held back by weak rankings on Google for service keywords in her home city of York in Pennsylvania. Early days, but great progress so far. We’re also securing several “near me” rankings too.

Our client from south London UK had recently invested in laser tattoo removal training and needed more customers to recoup the expenditure. We delivered handsomly, and managed to boost their SMP rankings at the same time.

With locations in Florida and New Jersey, our client wanted to rank for a range of derivative versions of his primary keywords. As you can see, we delivered spectacularly.

One of the longest tenured SMP artists in Birmingham, our client had always struggled to reach the top spots on Google. As the birthplace of SMP, we were pitching his business against some massive competition, but we’re really pleased with what we achieved for him, and his clinic is now significantly busier as a result.

Few places are as fiercely competitive as Southern California. Getting noticed on Google in Orange County takes some real firepower, and that’s exactly what we delivered. With a focus on Google Maps for customers searching from OC and Santa Ana, our client now has plenty of clients and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our client specializes in areola tattooing and wanted to show up better on Google in her home city of Louisville, Kentucky. We managed to improve her rankings significantly across the board, and now she enjoys doing more of the kind of work she loves.

Our PMU client from Richmond in Virginia had never had any SEO done on her website before, so some fast ranking boosts were easy with a few easy changes. Pushing her to the top half of the first page was harder due to the level of competition, but as you can see, we got her website positioned there for most of her important keywords.

For reasons that remain confidential, our PMU artist client from Toronto wanted to rank for “Ontario” based terms, not “Toronto”. This was an unusual challenge for us, but we executed a great strategy and delivered the rankings our client wanted. Considering how many competitors she has in the vast province of Ontario, we’re very proud of these results.

Our UK client was ranking nowhere for her service keywords, so we delivered strong rankings across the board on both Google search and Google Maps. What you see above is a second SEO campaign where we added additional locations and services. All #1 rankings were delivered by Team Micro, during either phase 1 or phase 2.

Businesses we proudly work with: