How to encourage more client reviews

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Hello! my name is Meredith Nicole and I’m the owner of the Flaming Room. I’m a PMU artist specializing in brows. My husband and I moved to small town on Vancouver Island from Vancouver 2 years ago. I didn’t know anyone or have any connections when we arrived and so I thought working for someone would afford me time to settle into our new life and start working straight away. However, it didn’t take long after I began looking into places to work to see I’d be better off setting up my own studio. Six months later I opened up my studio.

The first 5 months I hustled hard for clients! I dived into offline and online marketing, making connections with local businesses. and doing all I could to build my reputation. One of the ways I built trust was to focus heavily on getting people to leave reviews. I know positive reviews are easily one of the best ways to help potential clients pick me.

I’ve now been open for 1.5 years and recently I reached 100 five star reviews between google business and facebook. These reviews have increased my google ranking, secured me as a community leader in my profession, reduce the “why are you so expensive conversation”, and people often tell me reading reviews addressed questions and concerns they had.

A Great Way To Get Reviews

Here is what I do to get reviews.
At the clients service I tell them they will get an email the next day with links to leave a review. I express how much they help me as a small business.

Step One

The day after their service they are sent an automated email. I use acuity and the built in automated emails to send prep and aftercare instructions, booking links, and a review request with links to my google business and Facebook page.

If I don’t see a review after 3 weeks I follow up with a text asking how their brows are healing. When they inevitably say “I love them! I respond with “awesome. I’d really appreciate if you shared your experience in a testimony.” Then I send links.

They usually say “sure I’d love to”. I thank them and tell them I have their before and after pic. I’ll send it over.

Step Two

Then If I still don’t see a review after 2 or 3 days I send them a “hello, here’s your gorgeous before and after pic and I look forward to reading your review!“

At this point if they don’t leave a review I usually leave it alone. However, every once in a while I drop a thanks to my clients for leaving a review in a newsletter, or on a social post which helps get people to take action.

I hope this helps you think of some of your own ways to generate reviews. I know there are some apps to help get reviews and perhaps I’ll one day look into them. This is just how I did it and I found I liked how it kept me engaging with clients. Here’s my IG I’d love for us to connect! Find us at @flamingo_room_browbar or on our site here

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