How new technology will affect your clinic

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In the next 10 years, the internet will change the way we live in ways we can barely imagine. Drone deliveries are just the start. We will literally live online and every aspect of how we communicate, consume information and buy services will change.

Your clients will be part of this revolution, so be prepared to pivot and make yourself available in the places they will hang out. It’s not where you think.

Facebook is being shunned by the younger generation, and many previously loyal users are losing trust in the platform. Many are losing interest in Instagram. Twitter is dead for all things except news. YouTube is holding strong, but new contenders are likely. LinkedIn and Reddit are experiencing a revival. Google still rules buying-intention search. TikTok is huge but probably won’t stand the test of time. New platforms will emerge, and absolutely will replace today’s social media giants.

Expect the rise of voice search, on-demand services, hyper-convenience and mass automation of everything we do. Expect that every consultation will be virtual, by video chat, and possibly steeped in VR. Expect PMU and SMP comparison portals and a ton of apps including real time remote simulations. Old fashioned testimonials are already useless. People want video reviews, written reviews they can verify on trusted platforms, or a recommendation via DM from a friend. Expect your reviews to be placed front and center, with or without your permission. Clients will be so entrenched in convenience culture, they are likely to shun ‘procedures’ and demand high-end ‘treatment experiences’ instead. Expect phone and cryptocurrency payments to be the norm as plastic becomes obsolete. We may even pay with ‘credits’ loaded into ID chips beneath our skin. Sounds crazy, but the world is changing fast.

Above all, anticipate your most important marketing plans won’t be to win their booking, but simply to win their attention. Attention will be the greatest currency of all.

Plan now, because everything you know about marketing your clinic is about to change.

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