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A quick post to demonstrate the power of effective SEO, executed correctly by professionals.

We took a well known UK artist from nowhere to #3 on for ‘scalp micropigmentation training’ and #6 for ‘scalp micropigmentation’ nationally. He is now busier than he has ever been, much of which he attributes to his new Google ranking.

This is just one example…. here’s more:

  • From #16 to #4 for ‘scalp micropigmentation vancouver’ on Google Canada.
  • From nowhere to #1 for ‘scalp micropigmentation Portugal’ and ‘scalp micropigmentation Lisbon’ on both and Now working on Portuguese terms.
  • From nowhere to #4 for ‘scalp micropigmentation training’ on Google UK.
  • From nowhere to #1-3 on for ‘permanent makeup’ local searches for an American studio in their home town and 8 surrounding towns.
  • From #6 to #1 for ‘scalp micropigmentation Belfast’ on Google UK.
  • From #5 to #1 for ‘scalp micropigmentation fort worth’ on
  • From #92 to #4 for ‘scalp micropigmentation Dallas’ on
  • Massive gains on Google UK across 15 keywords for a permanent makeup artist in Manchester.
  • From #32 to #4 for a new SMP business in Nottingham.
  • From #22 to #3 on Google UK for ‘scalp micropigmentation essex’
  • From #24 to #3 on Google UK for ‘scalp micropigmentation south london’ and nowhere to #5 in Surrey.
  • In Australia, we took a long term client to #1 on in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, all significant improvements over their previous rankings, and to #2 for ‘scalp micropigmentation’ nationally. We also got them to #2 in Melbourne, one of the most competitive cities for SMP.

Here’s the thing…. anything is achievable. Don’t expect quality SEO to come cheap. You need people you can trust, it’s a lot of work and it takes time. We may need to rebuild your website, or we may not. We assess each project on its own merits.

But if you want to make a powerful investment in your business, I believe there is no better way.

I have lived and breathed SEO for 15 years, building and selling 3 profitable businesses off the back of their Google rankings. We work on daily and have some incredible rankings in the worlds most competitive cities, from London to NYC. This is what we do.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact my team and let’s see what we can do.

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